15 weighted blanket benefits

Weighted blankets provide several benefits to your physical and mental health. Here are 15 benefits of a weighted blanket according to Quietly.

Lowers stress and anxiety

  1. Feels pleasant and calming 
  2. Fall asleep faster and stay asleep 
  3. Wake up refreshed and felt rested during the day
  4. More energy for everyday activities
  5. Reduced use of sleep medication 
  6. Reduced anxiety and normal vital signs 
  7. Mood lifter
  8. Sense of security
  9. Reduce movements
  10. Improve social well-being
  11. Regulates your sensory system
  12. Reduces physiological levels of arousal
  13. Weight management
  14. Improves communication

For more information on weighted blanket benefits, visit Quietly.

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