5 Signs Your Back Pain Could call for Emergency attention

Most people struggle with back pain. Some experience chronic pain and others have temporary back pain. Our inherent nature is to bury our heads and soldier on with the pain. But as expert chiropractors point out, not all back pain should be ignored or remedied with OTC pain-relieving medication. We spoke to an expert Chatsworth, CA chiropractor to understand the signs and what to do about them. Read on to determine if your back pain is an emergency and where to seek the best treatment.

1. Pain That Extends Beyond the Knee

Back pain can sometimes shoot down towards your legs. Usually, during heavy lifting or vigorous exercises, you will experience sharp pain sensations and leg weakness. You shouldn’t write off that pain, even if it goes away.

Sciatic nerve damage sometimes causes back pain to extend to your legs. Also, it may be a case of a herniated disc where it ruptures or bulges and presses on the nerves, eliciting leg pain. If you experience occasional leg weakness, you need to see a specialist for an accurate diagnosis.

2. The Pain Doesn’t Go Away with Rest

At some point in your life, you will experience back pain. It is not a death sentence since, with rest, the pain goes away. Our tough work lives and demanding lifestyles exert pressure on your spine, the culprit of back pain.

But what if the pain doesn’t go away despite having massages and sleeping on a foam mattress? Back pain in them that doesn’t go away with rest means an underlying cause. Trying to diagnose the cause without proper screening is a shot in the dark. Only reputable chiropractors and pain specialists can determine the cause and chart a treatment plan.

3. Incontinence and Bowel-Related Complications

Back pain and the inability to control your bladder and bowel movements mean you need immediate medical attention. The incontinence issues may be because of damage to the pelvic structure, nerve compression, or spine infection.

Our Chatsworth specialist tells us that sometimes spinal decompression therapy does the trick. You will need invasive treatment methods for more serious causes like meningitis or discitis.

4. Pain After an Accident

Our jobs are easily the number one culprit of back pain, especially if it involves heavy lifting, pulling, and straining. The ‘occupational hazards’ are not something to ignore since they aggravate the subtle pain. Also, auto accidents jar the spine and can cause visible musculoskeletal damage, making the situation worse but manageable.

Do not rush to the pharmacy if you experience redness, swelling, or increased pain intensity after an accident. Visit a pain specialist to pinpoint the cause of your pain first.

5. Sharp Pain

A blanket rule to live by is that you shouldn’t worry as much if the pain is dull. But if the pain is sharp, there is a chest trove of culprits you should be concerned about. Sharp pain signals a damaged internal organ, torn muscle, or ligament.

Where to Seek Help?

If you are tired of painfully managing pain in California, we have come to your aid. Gould Chiropractic and Laser Pain Center provide comprehensive pain management, from nerve decompression to laser treatments for your back pain.

Back pain detracts from the quality of life and is the leading cause of disability worldwide. We believe you shouldn’t grapple with pain when Dr. Gould is there. Reach out for an effective tailored treatment plan.

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