5 Things Your Mom Should Have Informed You about Vape Oil


Vaping is a common and popular activity around the world. While there are millions of traditional cigarette smokers, the number of vapers is also rising. Vaping is much more convenient than smoking as it is easy, affordable, easy to use, and quite fancier than smoking cigarettes. Vaping is considered less harmful than smoking as it does not release carcinogens and harmful toxins, unlike traditional cigarettes. As easy and fancy as it may seem, one should handle a vape cautiously. Since many first-timers make the mistake of indulging in vaping without knowing much about it, you must know some note-worthy things about vaping. Here, we shall discuss five such things that your mom should have told you about vaping and vape oil.

5 Things to know about Vaping

Vaping is very convenient, as it is easy to use a vape. All you have to do is press a button, and vapor is released. It is convenient to use as you can take a puff whenever you want, and a vape helps you restrict the number of breaths you take. Unlike a cigarette, where you have to smoke the whole cigarette, a vape allows you to limit yourself to a puff or two since it is very effective and reduces your nicotine dependency. It is, hence, known to help people quit smoking by allowing them to overcome their high nicotine needs.

Despite these known benefits of vaping, there are a few things that some people might not know, especially new vapers. These things are essential to know before starting vaping. Hence, here, we will discuss a few important things that you should know about vape oil:

  • Learn to regulate your use of vaping:

Vaping is an excellent alternative to smoking and helps people quit their smoking habit. However, some vape oils contain nicotine, and consuming them over long periods could make you addicted to vaping. Hence, you must learn to regulate your use of vapes. You can take a few puffs a day to get the buzz but do not overuse it since vaping is effective and can get you the buzz in only a few puffs. When vaping, keep in mind what you want to achieve by vaping.

Know that a few breaths can help you reduce your cigarette dependency, help you socialize with your friends, help you feel buzzed, and can allow you to enjoy the flavor in a subtle but controlled manner. However, if you vape too much, know that it could lead to you becoming dependent on vape nicotine, you could face some health problems, and you could also spend too much money on vaping supplies like vape oil.

  • Choose the right product:

While many people use vape oils containing nicotine, you are not obligated to choose nicotine-based vape oils. There are many options in the market, and some retailers provide vape oils without any nicotine concentration or ones with low nicotine concentration. So a newcomer to the smoking world should opt for a vape with less nicotine concentration. Choosing a vape with low nicotine levels can help you enjoy the flavor while restricting yourself from getting hooked on nicotine. Opting for vape oils that have low nicotine concentrations can help you satisfy your cravings without overloading your system.

  • Vape Safely:

It might be intimidating for new users to vape on every possible occasion to seem cool; this habit could be dangerous. You should know the side effects of too much vaping, vaping oils with high nicotine concentrations, and vaping vapes with higher battery power. All vapes are not the same! 

Vapes with higher battery power will release potent vapor, and if you use high-battery powered vapes with vape oils of high nicotine concentration, you could experience adverse side effects since it may not be suitable for your health vape firmly at a nascent stage. There are many side effects to vaping in such manners, like nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, headache, sweating, etc. Hence, vape safely.

  • Avoid Sharing:

If you have been a regular smoker, you would know that it is a common habit among smokers to share their cigarettes with friends. Sharing, a good way of making friends in social groups, is a dangerous habit. The other person could be suffering from a disease that can spread through direct contact, and sharing cigarettes could risk you getting that disease. Similar is the logic for when you wish to share your vape with your friends; it may seem like a good way of making friends, but you are risking your health and life. Diseases like cold, flu, COVID, meningitis, etc., are transferable through the sharing process. Hence, avoid sharing your vape.

  • Maintain your vape and dispose of it properly:

Vapes, unlike traditional cigarettes, are electronic devices, and like any other electronic device, they need proper tending. You should maintain your vapes cautiously and clean them, or else they may cause some health issues. Keep the mouthpiece of the vape clean and wipe it carefully every day. Keep a check on the expiry date of your vape oil. Eventually, when the time comes to dispose of your vape or vape oil, do not just throw it away. Vape contains a battery and other hazardous materials; hence they should be disposed of carefully. Dispose of your vape in designated places, like dangerous waste drop boxes.


We have seen that vaping is much different from smoking cigarettes, and hence there are a lot of considerations and things to be known about vaping, especially for first-timers. People who have been vaping for a while know these things, but the newbies need to know them. You should thus know that you should regulate your vaping habits and not do too much of it. Also, choose the vape that best suits your vaping and nicotine needs.

Vape safely, and do not use vapes with high battery power or high nicotine concentration. Avoid sharing your vape with your friends since many diseases could spread through this. Finally, maintain your vape regularly and dispose of it cautiously. Keep the above five things in mind before your start vaping because these are essential points to be known, and your mom should have informed you about them.

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