Bills and books: Striking the right balance

Adult life can be difficult, particularly when it comes to managing responsibilities. Not only do adults have to work, but they also have to look after themselves and other family members such as children, younger siblings or ailing parents.

To have the financial independence to be able to juggle so many responsibilities, many people pursue higher education. They study specific degrees so they can build distinguished careers for themselves and live their best life. However, most people don’t have the luxury of choosing education over work or vice versa, so they have to juggle both. If you happen to be in a similar boat, here’s how you can find some balance in this mayhem of work, school and mental peace.

Plan carefully

In order to study and work effectively, you will have to be organized. Create a schedule for yourself that is both reasonable and efficient. The ideal schedule will not focus too much on one commitment and will provide ample time for rest.

Use your weekends wisely

Weekends aren’t supposed to be all work and no play. If you don’t have time to study during the week because of a stressful job, weekends are an excellent time to catch up, but you cannot do this at the expense of personal time. Set out a study schedule that you can adhere to, aligning your break times to your social commitments.

Consider getting an online education

If you find it hard to go to both work and to school in person, there is another option. Online education is on the rise, and there are many advanced degree programs being offered right now. For example, if you are looking for a career change and aspire to be a nurse, you can sign up for the University of Indianapolis online accelerated BSN program. Not only will you get to continue working to support yourself, but you will also be learning from top instructors in a well-rounded curriculum in just 15 months.

Make the most of the day

It is possible to find time between your work commitments to catch up on studies. By improving your lifestyle, you may be able to fit in the studying needed to make online studies work. You might consider waking up an hour or two earlier in the morning to study before work. You can also use your lunch or other breaks as well. If this is not possible, consider reducing the amount of time you spend eating dinner to get some studying done before bed. This can also free up some time on the weekends.

Tell your boss

If you have started a degree, you should let your boss know. Ultimately, your qualification will also aid the organization you work for, and your boss may be willing to provide you with all the understanding and support you need to be able to do your best without burning out.

Watch your diet

It is difficult enough to either work or study full-time, and when you choose to do both, your body and mind will need a lot of healthy nutrients. Make sure you eat a well-balanced diet so you’ll have plenty of energy.

Avoid distractions

Procrastinating can be your worst enemy in this situation. Even the walls become fascinating when you have to work or study. Place your phone out of reach when you are working and studying, keep the TV off and find a quiet corner to get your work done.

Set aside some time for yourself 

If you lose yourself during the process, you won’t be able to continue in the long term. As important as work and studies are, you can’t let them overtake your well-being. Make sure to get plenty of sleep, and take decent breaks to focus on yourself. Make the breaks productive and use them to exercise, meditate or do something you enjoy. Be sure to go out and meet friends every now and then, too!


Managing work and education is not easy, but it isn’t impossible. Following these tips might be a bit difficult in the beginning, but eventually you will find a productive groove. Just be sure to give equal priority to your physical and mental needs during the journey!

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