Body Sculpting: Frequently Asked Questions

Many patients seeking a body transformation to enhance their appearance and boost their esteem usually require a procedure to slim down some body areas. Excess fat can destroy a person’s physique. For this reason, physicians perform Fort Worth body sculpting after a comprehensive body analysis to help patients eliminate the extra fat which can contribute to a distorted shape.

What is body sculpting?

Body sculpting involves a combined approach to an improved body image. The medical procedures that make up body sculpting include techniques to remove body fat and reshape the body. It would be best to seek professional intervention before undergoing any body sculpting procedure to minimize the risk of complications.

 Is body contouring different from body sculpting?

The is no difference between body contouring and body sculpting. The two names refer to the same treatment involving slimming specific body parts to achieve an ideal goal.

How does body sculpting work?

Physicians conducting body sculpting always educate patients on the mechanism behind a treatment during a consultation. Patient education promotes awareness and appreciation of treatment efficacy. Body sculpting works by targeting fat cells. These cells are under the skin, and there are various ways to destroy them. Your doctor will develop an ideal approach depending on your condition and desired results. Although body sculpting can help patients eliminate extra fat for slimming results, this treatment is not a weight loss alternative to a healthy diet and regular exercise.

How do physicians perform body sculpting?

Physicians usually develop nonsurgical or surgical approaches to body sculpting. What to expect during the procedure will depend on the type of approach your doctor will develop based on varying factors like what area you want to be improved.

Liposuction is an example of a surgical body sculpting procedure. These procedures are usually invasive or minimally invasive. Your physician will make incisions in your skin to access underlying fat deposits. It is important to receive expert assistance to minimize the risk of complications. Non Surgical body sculpting procedures are noninvasive. Some processes involving destroying fat cells without cutting through the skin include laser lipolysis and fat freezing.

What are the pros and cons of body sculpting?

The benefits and potential side effects of body sculpting depend on your physician’s approach. Some of the most common surgical techniques used include patients receiving long-lasting results and a noticeable change in appearance because the procedure removes relatively more fat deposits. However, there are a few side effects of invasive techniques, for example it makes patients more vulnerable to complications, it can be expensive, painful, and take longer to recover.

The only con of nonsurgical techniques of body sculpting is their limited candidacy. Patients with certain underlying conditions cannot undergo these procedures. However, there is no downtime to the process; patients’ risk of complications is minimal, with reduced downtime and long-lasting results.

It would be best to find the right body sculpting physician to guarantee maximum results. Contact the offices of Skin Laser MD to consult with a certified physician and find out body sculpting can help you achieve the body shape that you want. 

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