Improving Dental Health for Overall Health

Did you know your oral health affects your general well-being too? In addition, dental problems may affect your social interaction when it interferes with your speaking or makes you insecure about your smile. Tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss are major oral issues that affect your overall health and quality of life. Luckily, all these issues are preventable and treatable. The general dentist Hilliard specialist James E Butler, DMD, provides comprehensive and advanced dental care to promote better smiles and health. Let’s look at the available treatments to improve your oral health.

Dental implants

Losing teeth as an adult can be traumatizing. It affects your smile, but it interferes with your teeth’ function, including chewing, speech, and more. Not to forget the effect it has on your confidence.

Thankfully with dental implants, you can replace your lost teeth and restore your smile and oral function.

Dental implants are metal tooth roots used to replace your natural teeth. The metal posts are usually made of titanium. Your provider inserts them on your jawbone to give a firm foundation for the crowns.

Over time, the implants merge with your jawbone stimulating bone growth to restore your structure and prevent bone loss. They are comfortable and look natural, enhancing a natural smile.

Unlike dentures and bridges, dental implants promote bone growth, do not slip away, and last longer.

Teeth whitening

Teeth stains develop from lifestyle habits, such as smoking, bad oral hygiene, and making beverages like coffee, tea, and wine. Teeth also change their color with age due to the natural wear and tear, causing teeth to resemble the dentin’s yellow color. Discolored teeth may not produce your desired smile.

Teeth whitening involves whitening your teeth to restore their natural white color.

Teeth whitening at Innovative Dental Ideas involves using pre-filled whitening trays with a whitening gel that fits comfortably in your mouth. The bleaching gel is sweet-tasting and penetrates your teeth to remove the stains and brighten your smile. Your provider also uses LED light to stimulate a special ingredient in the gel that promotes the whitening process.

Bone grafts

A successful dental implant treatment requires you have enough bone material to support the implant. In cases where you do not have adequate bone material, your provider may suggest you have a bone graft to add to the bone tissue.

A bone graft is a procedure that promotes the development of new bone tissue in your jaw. The grafting material may come from your tissue, animal bone, a synthetic substance, or bone from a human donor.

Dental X-rays

Dental X-rays are critical in diagnosing and treating various dental health issues. Your provider uses X-rays to have a detailed look at your mouth structure. It helps in the accurate diagnosis of dental problems.

You may require a dental X-ray in the following cases;

  •         To evaluate your tooth for a root canal treatment
  •         To check the degree of a tooth infection
  •         To determine whether you have sleep apnea
  •         To check whether you need bone grafting
  •         To diagnose abnormal lesions, tumors, cysts, cancer

Your oral health plays a critical role in determining your overall health and life quality. Contact Innovative Dental Ideas today to see how you can better your dental health.

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