Questions to ask your personal injury attorney before you hire them

Personal injury can leave a permanent trauma in someone’s life as the incident can cause mental, physical, and financial losses to the person. Although there are legal ways you can claim insurance and compensation, you also need justice in a rightful manner. Only a professional personal injury attorney can help you get complete justice and a full claim for your personal injury.

Attorneys take lesser time for legal proceedings than us and thus, most people opt for hiring them. However, before you hire an attorney, it would be wise to set your expectations clear with them. Here is a list of questions about personal injury claims that you can ask your attorney.

Questions to ask your personal injury attorney before you hire them:

  • Will you take my case?

Before you ask any questions, come straight to the point after giving the reason for your visit to the attorney’s office. Give them the reason and gist of your situation. Ask them if they are ok to take your case.

  • Have you handled a similar case before?

It is essential to know whether your attorney has handled many personal injury cases before. If your attorney disagrees to give you data of his clients to maintain confidentiality, take support of online reviews. The online feedback and reviews will give you a gist of what type of cases your attorney has majorly handled.

  • How strong is my case for the claim?

Explain the incident in detail and discuss every minor detail with your lawyer. Ask for an honest opinion on the strength of your case. In some cases, both parties are at fault, thus you cannot expect full compensation in your claim. Your lawyer will be the best person to guide you under different circumstances.

  • Is my presence mandatory at the court?

It depends on the severity of the case. If you have uttered severe injuries and are unable to travel, your lawyer will present the medical certificate to the court and take permission from the court to fight a claim on your behalf. Thus, check with your attorney about how you can go ahead with the legal proceedings with them.

  • What is your final fee?

This is the most critical question to ask your attorney. Be open and confident in asking the lawyer for their fee to fight for your claim. Certain lawyers charge specific fees whereas some may charge as per the severity of the case. Critical cases require more time and effort in paperwork and so your lawyer may put his/her quotation accordingly.

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