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Do you have a love for Telugu movies? Then why not add Telugu movie songs to your playlist? You can search for your favorite Telugu movie songs and download them to your phone. You can also add regional music from Radio Mirchi. It is possible to download songs from your favorite Telugu movie to your Apple or Android phone. Just visit a reputed music site and enjoy unlimited downloads.

Some of the popular Telugu movie songs are Prema Ane from Premikula Roju, Chuttu Chutti from Narasimha, and many more. The songs are superbly composed and directed by A.R. Rehman. Soft music adds a romantic feel to the songs. Downloading Telugu songs from websites dedicated to Indian music is a great way to enjoy them.

Many music download websites cater to the Telugu language. However, some of them charge a small fee. If you are a cinephile and don’t want to spend money on music downloads, you can also browse through free sites that offer Telugu songs. Just be aware that pirated websites are not safe to use. Moreover, you may have to pay heavy fines if you find yourself downloading illegally obtained Telugu movie songs.

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