The Role Of Primary Care In Promoting Wellness

One of the main challenges of the health care systems in the world is their lack of a combined approach to enhance health outcomes and quality. The three main dimensions for optimizing health performance include:  improving patient experience, reducing costs, and promoting better health in a population. These three strategies are the main focus of primary care South Charleston infrastructure and create the necessity for the patient to seek primary care services.

What is primary care?

If you have a medical emergency, your first point of contact is your primary care provider. However, the professional team that constitutes your primary care provider should consist of certified physicians with the knowledge and expertise to provide optimal care. Your primary care provider is responsible for all your personal health care needs. According to The Institute of Medicine, a primary care provider should focus on providing continuity of care and ensuring accessibility of health care services to all patients.

Although primary care is patient-centered, it requires the involvement of several parties to ensure optimal results. Patients usually have one main primary care physician that coordinates the entire treatment process. However, this physician may collaborate with other specialist physicians and other care providers who are non-physician.

There is no limit to the care you can receive from a primary care provider. It would help if you had a diagnosis to influence what treatment plan your physician decides to develop. Furthermore, primary care physicians provide continuity of care without restriction to problem origin. If your primary care provider is dealing with a concern not among his specialties, they will recommend you to a specialist, but your primary care provider will remain in charge of your progress.

 What does primary care include?

  • Health promotion: Primary care physicians promote health among the community to boost productivity and patients’ quality of life.
  • Disease prevention: The best way for primary physicians to guide patients toward disease prevention involves teaching healthy habits that maintain wellness.
  • Health maintenance: Patients’ lifestyle choices influence their overall health. For this reason, primary care providers recommend essential habits that ensure health maintenance.
  • Counseling: It is not uncommon for patients to have worries about their health status. The best person to address any doubts is a primary care physician who provides advice on physical and mental health-related issues.
  • Patient education: an effective way to promote health care includes promoting awareness of different health issues and teaching patients relevant information that could enhance wellness.
  • Diagnosis: Although patients could guess their underlying condition from their symptoms, it may be best to visit your primary care provider for an accurate diagnosis.
  • Treatment of acute and chronic diseases: Treatment efficacy depends on an accurate diagnosis, relevant knowledge, and expertise. If you want the best results from your treatment plan, you need to collaborate with your primary care provider, who can recommend an ideal approach to relieve your symptoms depending on your health status.

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