Things You Need To Know About Dermal Fillers

Every person has to go through the phase of transition of their face and body. After a certain age, the beginning starts developing wrinkles, and the skin becomes loose. All these changes are natural and cannot be avoided. However, various methods and techniques are available through dermatology advancements that treat wrinkles and loosening of skin.

A person always wishes to have youthful and supple skin. The wrinkles on the cheekbones and sagging of the skin can be dealt with using dermal fillers.

Dermal fillers are injectables like botox. The fillers add fullness to the skin where the skin thins out due to aging. The fillers are generally helpful in facial areas like the lips, cheeks, and around the mouth. These fillers are found in medical spas like the medical spa Oklahoma.

You should know some things about the procedure and the potential risks before undergoing any medical treatment. It is listed in this article.

1. What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers are injectables that are approved by the FDA and Food and Drug Administration. They are used to smooth the wrinkled skin of the face. The fillers are injected beneath the skin using a needle, unlike botox. There are four types of fillers depending on the material. They are made up of hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxylapatite, poly-L-lactic acid, and polymethyl methacrylate.

2. Why are dermal fillers preferred?

Dermal fillers are generally preferred over botox and other treatments for cosmetic surgery. These are chosen more because of the instant results. The skin appears fuller and younger in a short time, whereas the changes gradually happen through botox and other treatments. These treatments are also available in medical spas. For instance, the medical spa Oklahoma.

3. Precautions to be taken before getting fillers

Before taking any dermatological treatment, one must check for the potential risks, disadvantages, and advantages. It’s essential to know your skin type and then choose the filler accordingly. Besides taking medical precautions, checking the doctor’s qualifications is equally crucial to injection treatments. You should review the certification of the doctor or the injector.

Even though fillers can be done at a medical spa, they should always be taken by licensed and trained injectors. The dermal filler treatment is available at a medical spa in Oklahoma, Missouri, Texas, etc.

4. What are the side effects of dermal fillers?

Every cosmetic treatment comes with some side effects and risks. The significant side effects of this treatment include swelling, redness, bruising, and pain. According to the FDA, these side effects should not last more than two weeks. Sometimes, people may also get raised bumps under their skin that must be treated by medications, injections, or even surgery.

5. How long do the fillers last?

The dermal filler treatment is not permanent. If the person likes the look of it, they will have to keep visiting the dermatologist for treatments. However, after about six months, the body naturally starts secreting the fillers. Then the person will have to see the doctor once or twice a year.


Dermal fillers are an excellent option for quick and sustainable results. The FDA has approved these fillers as being safe to use. Another advantage of the fillers is that the medical spas in Oklahoma, Missouri, New York, and Mexico also provide the injecting service. This article will help you choose the proper treatment for yourself.

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