What to consider when buying waterproof jackets?

When there is a change in the season a lot of things change. One of the most noticeable things is the fact that people change the way they dress.

The rainy season is one of these seasons. During the rainy season, people grab on to their best rain gear such as waterproof puffy jacket.

For  those who do not own them, they usually go out and buy them. However, there are numerous factors to put into consideration when buying a waterproof  jacket.

The following are some factors to put into perspective when buying waterproof jackets;


The breathability of the jacket is how much air it lets out of it. Most waterproof jackets are designed to ensure that moisture does not get in while perspiration gets out.

Whichever activity you will be doing, you would not want to end up feeling like you are in a sauna.

Most modern jackets have been designed with a feature that allows them to regulate the internal body temperature hence you cannot get too hot. This feature includes zips in areas such as the armpits.

Do you need a lightweight, midweight or heavyweight?

 People need waterproof jackets for various reasons. For this reason, each person may require a different type of jacket.

For example, those people that do not intend to wear waterproof jackets for a long time are advised to find lightweight jackets. This also applies to people who do not experience heavy downpours.

Midweight waterproof jackets are for people who are likely to spend the entire day in the rain.

Heavyweight waterproof jackets are suitable for people who are likely to spend a lot of their time in heavy rains. It is essential for you to note that heavyweight waterproof jackets can be quite difficult to move in hence limiting your activity.

Are they coated?

As mentioned above, waterproof jackets are designed for the purpose of ensuring that you do not get wet no matter the activity you are carrying out.

The jackets get their waterproofing nature from the way they are made. These jackets are manufactured from materials that coat them hence making them waterproof.

The membrane laminate is one of the features applied in the manufacture of waterproof jackets.

Is the jacket adjustable?

Can you imagine running in the rain trying to get shelter but the jacket you are wearing keeps getting pushed by the wind? This can be quite uncomfortable and you will end up getting drenched.

For this reason, it is always advisable to get a jacket with adjustable cords. This will allow you to adjust the jacket to the size you want when the need arises.

Does the jacket have adequate pockets and zips?

As mentioned above, zips play an important role in a waterproof jacket. They play a key role in allowing air in while letting perspiration out..

In addition to that, zips ensure that you get total coverage from your waterproof jacket as it ensures all areas are covered.

Pockets are equally important as you will be able to store all things that may get damaged in the rain.

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