7 Potential Benefits of Consuming More Proteins


For anyone who is on the watch out for a healthier lifestyle, they know about the importance of a protein-enriched diet. It is a no-brainer that protein plays a big role in maintaining a healthy diet. Typically, people link protein with its power of bulking up and hence take it as a go-to nutrient if they want to tone up.

The thing about proteins is that consuming a protein-enriched diet isn’t only for fitness enthusiasts and potential bodybuilders. On the other hand, protein helps strengthen muscles, healthy bones, smooth blood circulation, and affects your hunger and metabolism.

Besides, by consuming more protein, you can lose weight and shed those extra pounds that have been bugging you the entire time. Protein is essential for the basic functions of our body cells which is why protein is crucial for life itself.

Read on to learn more about the potential benefits of consuming more proteins.

Protein Boosts the Overall Ratio of Daily Calorie Burn

When you consume protein, your body uses more energy to break the food source properly, which is the opposite of what happens when your body is fed with low-protein food, such as fats and carbohydrates.

That said, by consuming a high-protein diet every day, you will burn more calories every day. This way, the nature of protein is slow-to-digest, which also induces a thermic effect inside the body – resulting in more calorie burn during the metabolic and digestion process.

Protein Keeps Hunger Cravings in Check

If you have been dealing with random food cravings between meals, you should increase your protein intake. According to a study that was conducted on twenty healthy individuals, those who consumed protein-enriched yogurt – showed incredible results.

It was analyzed that by consuming high-protein snacks, the subjects felt a significant reduction in the afternoon or in-between meals hunger pangs as compared to those who had consumed unhealthy snacks, such as chocolates or fat-enriched crackers.

Simply put, by consuming more proteins, you can significantly improve your appetite control while ensuring satiety. Meanwhile, the proteins will also decrease your unnecessary food intake by checking your appetite.

Protein Supplies Sustained Energy

As mentioned before, proteins take up more energy as they take more time to break down – unlike carbs and fats, which perfectly explains why when people consume more fats or carbs (including refined carbs) – they tend to experience a spike of energy before the eventual crash.

However, with protein, this isn’t the case.

Are you wondering why your body’s energy from the proteins tends to last longer?

The answer is as simple as this: by consuming protein, your body stabilizes your insulin levels, which ensures that the body’s glucose is distributed slowly and progressively from the bloodstream.

Simply put, if you want regular, sustained energy throughout the day in place of the sudden energy spike followed by the eventual crash, consuming more protein is the best and easiest way to go.

Scientists have successfully developed methods to improve protein expressions, such as Pichia, which can be used for biopharmaceutical and food use.

Protein Promotes Better Sleep

Are you sick and tired of tossing in your bed at night while counting sheep? It might be due to protein deficiency. So, instead of popping sleeping pills and trying different tips and tricks, you might want to up your protein intake for better sleep patterns.

It has been analyzed that a massive portion of energy obtained from protein while dieting may improve sleep in obese and overweight adults. An increase in your protein intake may fix your sleep problems. Also, protein helps if you are unable to sleep for straight hours.

Nonetheless, if the sleep-related problems continue despite being on a high-protein diet, you might want to add a couple of carbs to your evening meal. By doing so, you won’t only boost your serotonin levels but also escalate your level of drowsiness, which will ultimately prepare you for more sleep.

So, next time, you will feel better when you will go through the ordeal of “eating more proteins.”

Protein Improves Skin Texture

Our skin is the largest organ, so it is essential to take care of our skin. That said, protein is an essential building factor of our largest organ. It is a crucial component to obtain youthful, fresh, and glowing skin.

As a matter of fact, one of the most visible signs of protein deficiency can be found in thin and tired-looking skin. Simultaneously, other skin issues can include the following signs:

  • Swollen skin
  • Flay skin
  • Red skin

So, if you want to glow from the inside out and have glowing, radiant, and healthy skin, all you need to do is add more proteins to your diet.

Protein Decreases Your Blood Pressure

We all know about the countless dangers of high blood pressure and how it can severely damage your body.

In short, high blood pressure opens the doors to a higher risk of contracting blood and heart diseases. If you want to live a healthy and long life, you might want to start consuming more proteins as protein can help you keep that blood pressure low.

Besides decreasing your blood pressure, proteins also help you decrease bad cholesterol and triglycerides – both aren’t great for a healthy body.

Protein Adds Weight Loss

We know that we mentioned weight loss before – but we believe that it is worth mentioning again as we might have many weight –watchers going through our article. The thing about protein is that you will lose weight when you increase protein in your diet, but it will also ensure that you keep off the weight as well.

It has been found that many people who increase their protein intake tend to lose weight almost immediately – which means an increase in protein intake won’t intentionally restrict one’s diet. Still, it also restricts calories which is excellent for weight loss.

When it comes to the hardest part of losing weight – there is the struggle of maintaining one’s weight loss. This is also where protein can help – all you need to do is increase your protein intake, which will help you maintain your weight loss.

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