8 Common Myths About Pre-Workout Supplements Busted

The fitness industry today is flooded with pre workouts. Just like taking mirror selfies at the gym, they too have almost become a staple now.

You must have seen some form of pre workout, be it powder, chewable, or capsules, on social media or elsewhere. Given how popular these supplements have become, there are bound to be some myths surrounding them.

This blog sets the record straight for the common myths.

Common Myths

Find the answers to all your common questions about supplements, as all popular myths are debunked.

Myth #1 – It is Only Beneficial for Muscle Building

The most common misconception surrounding pre workouts is that they are meant for hardcore bodybuilders. Well, that is not true at all.

They are suitable for ordinary people trying to remain active and fit. These supplements improve endurance and overall performance since they increase energy levels.

Myth #2 – It is Bad for the Heart

A pre workout is not different from the regular coffee intake or an energy drink you consume before working out. If not taken in the correct quantity, caffeine may have a severe effect on you, such as jitters.

All you have to do is take it as per the prescribed dosage.

Myth #3 – It Improves Muscles Without Working Out

We believe that a supplement will do the job without you moving an inch from the couch. It can only be a dream, thus debunking the myth.

The reality is that it takes time and consistent effort to build muscles. Supplements aid you in the process by improving energy, alertness, and the quality of the workouts.

Myth #4 – It is Not Necessary if You Eat Right

Your body needs to be replenished post working out. It needs amino acids not made by the body to aid protein synthesis.

Pre workouts are an addition to your food to help your body reach its fitness goals sooner.

Myth #5 – It Has Steroids

A common myth is that supplements have creatine in them and that it is a steroid. It is false since creatine is a naturally occurring substance in your body. It stimulates energy and is safe for consumption. Steroids are like testosterone.

Myth #6 – It Makes You Fat

Supplements do not stimulate weight gain when consumed in normal quantities. However, only if you consume an excess quantity can you gain weight. Consuming the correct quantity will support muscle gain.

Myth #7 – Creatine in Supplements Causes Side Effects

Creatine is known to boost performance and endurance. Since it occurs naturally in the body, it is safe to say it is non-toxic. Besides, some studies suggest that athletes who consume creatine experience fewer injuries and muscle cramps.

Myth #8 – You Will Become Fat if You Stop Taking Supplements

The truth could not be further from this myth since supplements contain nutrients. So, if you stop consuming pre workout supplements, your body will simply be deprived of the nutrients.

Mostly, people stop working out along with stopping supplements. Add a poor diet to it, and you have the recipe for gaining fat.

Wrapping Up

Do not let common myths you see on social media or hear from others deter you from taking pre workout supplements.

Do your research to be equipped with all the facts and form your own opinion, free from biases. Moreover, these supplements improve your energy, endurance, and workouts.

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