CNA Jobs at Hospitals

Job Description

The role of a CNA in a hospital is key to the care of patients. CNAs provide daily care to those staying in the hospital, and their duties can range from serving meals and feeding patients to turning, helping with ambulation, positioning patients, and helping with minimal procedures. CNAs also check patient vitals, document medication delivery and other care, help with transport of patients, and provide support for patient needs related to dressing changes, hot and cold therapy, and bathing. CNA jobs are offered in various locations, from hospitals to nursing homes and rehab facilities. CNA assistance can be needed in surgical offices as well and in the specialty care portions of most hospitals.

CNA Salaries

Per the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, as of June 2022, the median pay for CNAs is $30,290 per year or $14.56 per hour.

For Instance:

  • Legacy Health in Portland, OR, offers various locations within their healthcare network that utilize the skills of CNAs. There are many jobs in this local area that skilled CNAs can only fill, and this is one of the top-ranked areas to work if you are looking for a CNA position.
  • DocGo is hiring for traveling CNA jobs at various hospitals and clinics around the United States.
  • Memorial Healthcare System in Florida is also always looking for CNAs to help assist in clinic locations, specialist offices, and their hospital locations. This is another key area to look for work if you are a skilled CNA.

Training and Requirements

Each state can require different hours of educational coursework to be able to become certified as a CNA. The base level of training and educational hours that is required in the US is 75 hours. CNA credentials are always controlled by the state you live in, so you will need to determine the requirements for licensure in your particular state.

You will only need a high school diploma or a GED and nursing assistant training to be able to start your CNA program. The degree that you receive when you have completed your training will count as a post-secondary degree. It is important that CNAs make sure that they are applying to programs that are approved by their state nursing board as well.

State licensure is also required in every state, and you will need to be licensed to practice in the state where you are seeking a job. If you decide to move, you will need to be sure that you meet the licensing requirements for the state that you are relocating to before you apply for jobs in that area. The requirements may be different, even if you have been practicing in your state for years.

After completing your training, you will need to sit for the CNA certification exam. This is a two-part exam that includes a written test and a practical exam. There are also opportunities to become a CAN II, a position that allows CNAs to care for the needs of patients under the supervision of a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse. CNAs will not provide the same services as an RN, but they can still advance to a more specialized level of care.

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