Everything You Need to Know About Men’s Plastic Surgery

Unlike earlier, when plastic surgery was thought to be more of a woman’s thing, men’s plastic surgery has also become popular. More men have embraced the treatments and are now doing it confidently. Ideally, plastic surgery improves your body’s appearance, and everyone should be able to enjoy its benefits. The men’s plastic surgery Portland specialist Leo Urbinelli, MD, is an expert in helping men achieve their body contour goals. This piece will elaborate on what men’s plastic surgery entails.

What is men’s plastic surgery?

Everyone desires to look appealing and feel good about themselves, and men are not left behind. They also want to achieve younger and more enhanced looks.

As opposed to the common goals of plastic surgery, men’s plastic surgery needs may differ. Besides, the techniques used are not similar to other plastic surgery methods.

It is critical to have a provider who understands your goals and the male body. Your treatment plan should aim at giving natural and youthful lasting results.

What are the different men’s plastic surgery procedures?

There are various men’s plastic surgery procedures, including aiming or restoring, reconstructing, and even improving their appearance. Here are among the most common plastic surgery techniques performed on men.

Jaw surgery

Dr. Urbinelli is an expert in reconstructive jaw surgery and performs it to improve facial contours. It involves positioning and correcting upper jaw differences. Your provider may perform the following to better your facial structure.

  • Facial implants for an improved facial appearance
  • Mandibular angle augmentation to define your jawline
  • Facial fillers and injections
  • Mandibular shave to recontour an area

Cheek implants

It is a reconstructive and cosmetic procedure to define your facial appearance. Cheek implants improve cheekbones, enhance facial contours and enlarge the soft tissue under the eyes.

Chin surgery

Chin surgery or genioplasty involves several techniques to reshape and reposition your chin for a defined facial contour. Your provider uses implants or your bones to achieve your goals. In addition, collagen injection, fillers, or fat grafting can also enhance your chin’s soft-tissue appearance.

Tummy tuck

Excess fat is a problem for everyone, and men are no different. A tummy tuck allows you to achieve a natural body contour and muscle tone. The procedure removes the unwanted fat and excess skin and disengages the muscles to give enhanced and lasting results.


It involves eliminating excess fat on specific body areas, such as the chest, double chin, love handles, and abdomen. Liposuction allows you to achieve a sculpted and natural body contour.

Face-Tite and Body-Tite

They are advanced body contouring techniques. They use radiofrequency energy to promote skin and tissue contour and remove excess fat from the body, neck, or face. Face Tite and Body-Tite occur under anesthesia, have no downtime, and provide the best results compared to other body contouring procedures.

Male breast reduction

Enlarged breasts in men may cause confidence issues. Male breast reduction helps restore male breast size to normal through breast reduction surgery.

Other men’s plastic surgery procedures include

  • Neck lifts
  • Blepharoplasty
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facelifts
  • Brow lifts

Men also seek plastic surgery procedures to improve their appearance, among other reasons. Men’s plastic surgery involves techniques to better men’s looks, promote their confidence and enhance a youthful look. It’s essential to ensure your provider understands the male physique and your goals and is an expert in men’s plastic surgery. Call PNW Plastic Surgery to learn more.

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