Facial Treatments to Help You Achieve a Flawless Glow with Oily Skin

Oily skin poses various benefits, including minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. The extra sebum preserves your skin, giving it a thicker appearance. However, the oil can also clog your pores, resulting in facial problems like acne and blackheads. Thus, your aesthetician might recommend striking a balance between too much facial oil and maintaining natural moisture. However, identifying the ideal facial treatment for oily skin can be daunting. You need sacrifice and hard work before achieving your desired glow. The best part with Pearland facials is that the treatment can minimize your chances of having an adverse reaction thereafter. 

How will you know you have an oily face?

Finding the best make-up combination that best suits your oily skin can be challenging because specific ingredients might mix with your sebum, giving you a different consistency. However, the severity of symptoms will vary in individuals. Symptoms that you have an oily face include:

  • Unrelenting or occasional pimples
  • A seemingly rough and thick skin
  • Noticeable pores on your face
  • A greasy, glossy appearance
  • Clogged pores
  • Blackheads

Every skin is different. Some people might have dry, oily, a combination of the two (dry and oily), or sensitive skin. Your genes significantly determine how your skin turns out. Unfortunately, there is little your healthcare provider can do to change your genetics. The best the medical professional can do is help you identify your skin type and suggest ways to care for it.

What facial treatments might you have for oily skin?

Oily skin produces extra oil. Unfortunately, the oil might attract dirt and debris, clogging your pores. Just like plaque hardens on your teeth, causing tooth decay over time, the clogged pores become ideal recipes for skin problems like blackheads. Possible facial treatments your aesthetician might suggest include:

Chemical exfoliation

Exfoliation is a crucial part of your facial treatment, helping you unclog your clogged pores. For instance, glycolic acid can melt away the hardened fat, thus opening your pores and allowing your pores to breathe. Since there are several exfoliating chemicals, your doctor will help you choose the best option, depending on your skin. To boost your oily skin’s health, the medical professional might advise you to:

  • Wash your make-up brushes, pillows, and sponges regularly to keep them clean
  • Use a hydrating mask at least once weekly in your skincare regime
  • Clean your face, tone, and moisturize at least twice a day

Besides the daily rituals, you should maintain a clean physical and mental environment, striving to consistently sustain a positive mindset.   


Extracting dirt and debris from your clogged pores is an ideal treatment for unclogging your blocked pores. As a facial treatment, the simple and sensitive procedure entails carefully picking the blackheads and whiteheads. Your healthcare might advise you not to squeeze them out to prevent worsening the situation.  

Every skin type has its unique facial treatment. Worry not if you do not know your skin type. Your aesthetician will help you figure out, thus suggesting the best facial procedures you can try to achieve flawless and noticeable beauty. Schedule a facial consultation with your anesthetist to know how to care for your skin type.   

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