How To Make More Communication For Life By Doing Less

If you want to make more communication for life, try adopting a more attentive posture when you talk to others. Avoid slouching and folding your arms, and maintain eye contact. Move around the room and make eye contact with others. One study used participants who were called tappers and listeners. Participants would tap the melody of 120 popular songs. Listeners were required to guess the song, which they were told to repeat.

Will reduce communication barriers and help you respond to others in a more productive way

The more communication you have with others, the better. Practice communicating from the opposite side of your personality. This will reduce the barriers to communication and help you respond to others in more productive ways. You can also learn to become more compassionate and understanding when you talk to others. By developing empathy for others, you will be able to understand their perspective and respond more appropriately. For example, you can express your interest in learning more about their perspective and learn to be more empathetic.

You should always assume good intentions

Assume positive intent. When you communicate with people, you should always assume good intentions. It will help you to avoid negative feelings. You will be able to communicate more effectively if you assume that the other person has the same intentions as you. Even if it is difficult to connect with a stranger, talk to your neighbor or co-worker to increase your chances of interacting with him or her.

Try to talk to a complete stranger to improve communication skills

Start by breaking the patterns of communication. When you speak to people, try to communicate with them despite your shyness. You should not be afraid to speak your mind or express your feelings. When you are unsure, be polite and try to let them know your true feelings. If you can’t do this, try speaking to a complete stranger. This will help you develop a more open mind and will enable you to respond better to others.

You want to hear and understand them

You don’t need to change your environment. You need to communicate with others. If you want to make more communication for life, you must open up to others. When you are in a stressful situation, you must be able to communicate with others under pressure. This is a big challenge, but you can do it. Just think about it. When you communicate with people, you are showing them that you are willing to listen and understand them.


You can also try adopting a more relaxed posture. Body language sends a powerful message. When a person has shoulders hunched up and arms folded across their chest, he or she is showing that they are not willing to have a productive conversation. In contrast, a relaxed and open posture shows that he or she wants to listen to the person and is willing to communicate.

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