The Many Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Have you ever had to sleep through a toothache? If so, you recognize how excruciating and debilitating it can be. A toothache can even keep you away from work or your routine daily activities. When associated with other symptoms such as heightened tooth sensitivity, swollen gums, or dark-colored gums, this toothache could point to an issue with your tooth’s root canal. Root canal therapy is a restorative procedure performed to restore the structure and function of your natural tooth by removing the damaged or infected part of your tooth. Though it is commonly thought of as a painful treatment, this is far from reality. Today, dentists integrate laser technology and sedation to make the procedure completely painless. It is preferable to have your teeth extracted due to trauma, infection, or decay. Furthermore, root canals East Village get to provide endodontic patients with the following benefits:

Avoids Tooth Loss

There are numerous alternatives to correcting a decaying tooth or dental cavity. Some individuals prefer tooth extraction to remove the problematic teeth. This solution is a long-term strategy for preventing toothaches and managing cavities.

Unfortunately, tooth extraction leaves gaps between teeth, which might lead to complications. With root canal therapy, patients do not have to worry about losing their teeth, which assists to avoid teeth shifting and other misalignment concerns.

Avoids Infection To Adjacent Teeth

Pulp infection is the primary reason for tooth cavities or decay. Infections to the pulp arise due to the accumulation of food and bacteria in this region. Once an infection develops, it can easily extend to the neighboring teeth if it remains unaddressed. A root canal procedure is vital in eliminating the diseased pulp; hence, halting the progression or spread of infection to other teeth.

Avoids Jawbone Deterioration

A root canal is unlike tooth removal as it preserves the damaged teeth. Thus, this procedure offers an alternative to having the tooth pulled. When teeth are lacking, the jawbone degenerates quickly as it is exposed to bacteria and other variables. Therefore, root canals help to avoid jawbone problems later on.

Enhances The Appearance Of Your Teeth

Root canal therapy entails the elimination of the affected pulp. The process is followed by professional teeth cleaning to the afflicted area, filling the cavity, and fitting your tooth with a crown. Crowns are necessary for restoring the appearance of teeth. As a result, anytime they are employed in a root canal, they assist in restoring the tooth’s functionality as well as its aesthetic appeal.

Improves Oral and General Health

Extensive tooth decay and lasting toothaches are quite prevalent dental concerns. These issues cause discomfort and, in the worst-case scenario, tooth loss. As a result, a root canal helps to keep teeth in good shape while also avoiding more invasive operations like tooth extraction.

In addition to preserving excellent oral health, a root canal can help enhance general health by preventing illnesses linked to poor dental health. Such health concerns include respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, cardiovascular illness, and diabetes.

Do not allow yourself to be constantly disturbed by tooth pain. For a professional oral health assessment, visit your dentist at East Village Dental Center right away. Your dentist will assist you in determining the right dental therapy for you, including root canal therapy, if necessary. More importantly, adhere to your doctor’s aftercare instructions to ensure that your compromised tooth is preserved for the rest of your life. Call the New York office or use the online scheduling tool to schedule a consultation today.

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