What Can You Expect From A Pain Management Physician?

The statistics on the prevalence of pain problems are startling: One out of every four Americans has been in agony for more than 24 hours. Millions more have suffered excruciating acute pain, not forgetting that chronic pain is the leading cause of lasting disability. Thus, it is no surprise that folks are seeking long-term solutions to these problems. The ideal solution? A skilled pain management doctor. Still, before you make an appointment, it is best to be aware of what to expect. Typically, a pain management specialist like Garen Gajian MD is a doctor who specializes in all kinds of pain and assesses, identifies, and addresses the underlying reasons for a patient’s suffering. Nonetheless, whenever it comes down to it, what must you expect before you visit this doctor? Continue reading to learn more.

Ensure You Are Ready For Your Pain Management Consultation

What To Anticipate?

ü  The focus of your initial consultation will be on assessment and diagnosis. You should anticipate the following:

ü  Examine the source of your discomfort and your health history

ü  Examine your physical condition.

ü  Review any X-rays or additional tests you had before your appointment

ü  Discuss the establishment of a tailored pain management regimen

What Should You Bring?

You will want to bring as much information as possible to your visit concerning the discomfort you have been experiencing. Depending on your unique circumstances and condition, your doctor will perform a thorough initial examination, likely speeding up the diagnosis process.

Some of the typical items and information to bring along include:

  •         A Comprehensive Timeline Of The Discomfort- You should spend some time before your visit thinking about the particulars of your discomfort. Dr. Gajian suggests writing everything down in as much detail as possible, so you do not miss anything important to discuss during your session.
  •         Question You Would Like Addressed- Do not leave the consultation wishing you had asked a specific question. To be well-prepared, make a list of all the questions you want answered.
  •         Health History- Be prepared to go over your whole health history with your doctor. The doctor’s diagnosis and care plan may be influenced by past or pre-existing difficulties. Health history encompasses the family’s health history as well.
  •         List Of Drugs- Ensure you have all the data and dosages for any past or existing medications or supplements.

How Does Pain Management Work?

What is vital to bear in mind is that long-term pain relief is attainable. Employing his vast experience and expertise in pain medicine, Dr. Gajian can effectively listen to your story, explore non-surgical and surgical options, and ultimately build a pain management strategy for your individual needs. Some of the available care options include platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP), stem cell therapy, physical therapy, medications, facet injections, epidural injections, etc.

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain, which significantly influences their energy levels and general life quality. They do not, however, have to suffer in silence. At Pain & Anesthesia Care, Dr. Garen Gajian is committed to assisting patients in effectively managing their pain through multiple cutting-edge invasive and non-invasive solutions. Schedule an initial consultation through mobile or book online today to see a pain management specialist you could trust.

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