General Pediatric and Well Baby Clinic in Bangkok

Nature provides us with wondrous phenomena and gifts of priceless beauty. But of all the precious gifts that nature can bestow upon us, it is the gift of a child that surpasses all. 

The gift of new life brings us joy, happiness and pride. We nurture them and watch over them as they grow and develop into healthy, strong adults. From day one, they are dependent on their parents, as such, we nourish, protect and care for their every need. 

Parental love knows no bounds, however, there are times when parental love and care is not enough to soothe an ailing child. There will be times when a child is befallen by sickness or accident, and a parent is uniquely placed to recognize when a child requires aide from beyond the parental circle. 

A worried parent needs to know where to take their baby to receive the care required. Where in the vast metropolis of Bangkok can a parent find professional medical aide that is second to none, whilst also instilling a feeling of care and trust? The name Samitivej Hospital has become one which is globally renowned for unrivalled levels of professionalism and care.

Since its establishment in 1979, Samitivej Hospital has grown in stature and recognition to become, not only South East Asia’s leading center for child health care, but also globally as a center of medical excellence. 

What are Pediatrics

The health and well-being of young people is a very specialised area of medicine which requires very specialised knowledge and skills, which is referred to as pediatrics. The paediatrician is the physician that has that specialist knowledge and skill. 

Pediatrics cover the whole spectrum of health issues in young people, from new born babies to teenagers. From minor sickness and injury to cancers and genetic diseases and through to multi-faceted complex health issues, pediatrics is the umbrella of medical coverage.

The health of new born babies in particular is very specialised. Babies, as young humans, are vulnerable with their organs and immune system undeveloped. Many babies are born prematurely which increase the potential health problems.

Prematurely born babies need extra care. Typical health issues such as jaundice, low blood sugar or temporary breathing problems are common. The monitoring and treatment of these issues in very young babies is, in itself, a very specialised area of pediatrics.

As children grow, health issues tend to evolve with the child. In addition to genetic disorders and other major health problems there is a plethora of more minor issues often faced by children. These may include. allergies, conjunctivitis, colds, impetigo, gastro, hand, foot, and mouth diseases, children are even vulnerable to lice and worms.

All of this is recognised by Samitivej Hospital’s General Pediatric and Well Baby Clinic in Bangkok, which is now the go to facility for parents who have concerns over their child’s health. It is the “Total Care” approach that the clinic adopts which instils in parents’ total faith in the facility.

The facility is in fact a collection of individual specialist centers and clinics catering for all aspects of health and well-being from new born babies to teenagers. These include the Pediatric Cardiology Clinic and the Pediatric Liver and Digestive Center. There is also the Growth, Endocrine and Diabetes Center, as well as a dedicated Allergy Center.

The daytime treatment hours for all of the specialist clinics and centers are from 7am to 8pm. In addition to this there is the Specialist Night Clinic which is open from 8pm to 10pm every day.

The Well-Baby Clinic

This important aspect of the facility is staffed by highly skilled doctors, nurses and backup medical staff, all of whom are committed to the care of young babies. This clinic will undertake vaccinations that are required by all youngsters. 

It should be noted that certain vaccinations are compulsory, pursuant to the requirements of the Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand and Ministry of Public Health. Additionally, there are optional vaccinations offered, these include the rotavirus vaccine, influenza vaccine and Invasive Pneumococcal Disease (IPD) vaccine.

The importance of individual facilities for mothers with young babies is given importance at the facility. Mothers with babies have a dedicated breastfeeding clinic which is in addition to the specialised mother and baby facilities that includes dedicated breastfeeding rooms. 

General and Specialist Treatment Services

The center and its associated clinics cover all aspects of health and well-being for young people from new born babies to teenagers. General health check-ups for new born babies and children, along with health assessments for school entry are routine for the center’s staff. 

From cardiology to neurology, lung, liver and kidney disease and through the whole spectrum of infectious diseases, parents can be assured to receive the highest possible standards of diagnostics and treatment.

haematological malignancy, allergy and immunology, genetic abnormalities, urinary tract issues and nutrition are all treated with the same level of importance and professionalism. Highly trained specialists of all disciplines are constantly on call to give treatment of an unequalled standard.

As with all of Samitivej Hospital’s facilities, specialist knowledge and skills are paramount and will be peculiar and specific to each facility. However, running in tandem with the individual expertise of each clinic, goes Samitivej Hospital’s core beliefs and standards. 

Impeccable and unquestionable standards of care are the norm throughout Samitivej Hospital’s facilities. Some of which may not be outwardly apparent to patients and visitors. These include Samitivej Hospital’s unique “Real Clean Means” doctrine.

No other facility can boast of having the Real Clean Means system of cleaning and sterilization as part of its health care routine. The system has been specifically designed to eliminate the risk of bacterial and viral cross contamination that may pose a health risk, particularly to those considered to be in an at risk group. This may include young babies and those with underlying health issues.

It is not only the medical profession that recognise Samitivej Hospital’s impeccable global standing. Parents, not only indigenous Thais but from across the globe, have come to recognise Samitivej Hospital’s General Pediatric and Well Baby Clinic in Bangkok as the ultimate health care facility for the young. 

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