How Do Orthodontic Treatments Work?

When it comes to your smile, your dental health is of the essence, as a good smile is the combination of healthy teeth and jaws. Good oral hygiene is the number one step in maintaining an attractive smile. Besides, you may choose to take other cosmetic dental treatments to improve your smile. The Pendleton orthodontics specialist in Leander, TX, provides various treatments to make your dream smile come true. This article looks at the different orthodontics treatments available at the practice.

What are orthodontic treatments?

These are methods to straighten your teeth and jaws to improve their function and appearance. Orthodontic treatments aim at correcting issues with the bites to give them a natural look and feel. They include the following.


They treat a variety of misalignment issues including, overcrowding, crossbite, open bite, underbite, overbite, or widely spaced teeth,

Dr. Pendleton offers traditional braces, including brackets, archwires, and bonding cement. The braces may also involve elastic and metal bands.

It is practical, giving excellent and lasting results through a traditional method. Your provider adjusts your braces regularly to give room for improvement. The braces options at Pendleton Orthodontics include metal, gold, self-ligating and ceramic brackets.


Retainers keep your teeth from shifting after having braces. You may also put on retainers when in the following scenarios.

  •         Crowded or impacted teeth
  •         When having a full smile makeover
  •         Difficulty biting or chewing
  •         Sleep apnea
  •         Teeth grinding
  •         Breathing with your mouth rather than the nose
  •         Temporomandibular joint disorder
  •         A full smile makeover

There are different types of retainers, including:

Space maintainers

To preserve a tooth space, prevent your teeth from moving, and enhance their natural position.

Removable appliances

They are either metal or plastic and look like mouth guards. Effective for patients who had braces, to avoid teeth and jaw shifting.

Occlusal splints

They are efficient in correcting bites and protecting your teeth. They are custom-made to treat issues caused by TMJ disorder, among other jaw problems.


It is a precise and convenient treatment to enhance your teeth’ natural position. It involves wearing different aligners at different times to enhance gradual shifting.

Invisalign provides excellent results in a short period. The clear aligners are almost invisible hence cannot affect your natural appearance. In addition, they are easy to maintain, and you do not have to change your diet completely.

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They are orthodontic treatments to increase the upper jaw width, correcting bad bites.

Rapid palatal expanders work best with patients in their development stage, including early childhood and adolescence, when their bones are still developing. They help restore and enhance the function and appearance of a bite or smile.

You can use a rapid palatal expander to treat the following:

  •         Crowded teeth
  •         Narrow upper arch
  •         Crossbite
  •         Impacted teeth

Orthodontic treatments focus on improving the position of the jaw and teeth to improve your smile and dental function. Pendleton Orthodontics offers customized care to ensure they address all your concerns. Dr. Pendleton is compassionate and caring and performs all these treatments with care to ensure your comfort throughout the procedures. Check out for these and more orthodontic treatments to better your smile. Call Pendleton Orthodontics today to schedule your consultation.

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