Top 4 Most Prevalent Workplace Hand Injuries

The significance of healthy hands should be no surprise- after all, you utilize them every day. However, until something is awry, it is simple to take proper hand health lightly. Surprisingly, hand injuries happen more frequently than you may expect. In fact, they are the second most prevalent form of work-related injuries. Whereas obtaining appropriate attention for your injury is the initial step towards receiving proper therapy, recognizing the various forms of La Jolla hand injuries could also aid in proper diagnosis. Read on to check out four of the most common workplace-related hand injuries. 

1)  Detachments and Avulsions

The term ‘avulsion’ refers to an injury where the skin’s top layers are torn away from the remainder of your damaged body part. An avulsion commonly occurs whenever a structure involving tendons and muscles is dragged in the reverse way of its surrounding bone. Once avulsions occur, tendons, muscles, tissues, and even bone underneath this skin layer are generally exposed.

Nerve damage is also prevalent following an avulsion, rendering treatment of these injuries especially difficult. So, how do these gruesome workplace injuries occur? Avulsions and detachments frequently happen because of machinery-related incidents, whether owing to human error, mechanical fault, or a violation of safety requirements.

2)  Crushed Hands

Crushing is another workplace hazard that can cause hand injuries. When your hand is smashed by a big object or an item falling at ridiculous speeds, you will normally feel immediate and extreme agony, accompanied by significant inflammation. Sometimes, this can cause fracturing in your hands, which is often accompanied by symptoms like weakness, reduced mobility, numbness, tingling, or cramping. Anyone who works with machinery or regularly raises large objects like delivery drivers, industrial employees, and construction workers is at a greater risk of crushing injuries.

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3)  Fractured Fingers

Your fingers are among the most commonly used body parts when working. However, they are also the most sensitive and susceptible to harm. Fractured fingers occur for various reasons, ranging from improper use of power equipment or an accident where your finger is pushed into a door.

Irrespective of the nature, what is vital to understand regarding fractured fingers is that even though the bones are tiny, no trauma to them is insignificant. All the small bones in your fingers rely on each other to keep your hand well-aligned and execute its crucial role. If one of them is fractured and not addressed, you may lose the capacity to utilize that finger, if not your whole hand, permanently.

4)  Sprains and Strains

Lastly, a strain or sprain is one of the most common reasons patients visit their La Jolla orthopedic specialist with a hand injury. Unlike the above-highlighted hand injuries, strains and sprains could occur in almost any occupation following continuous repetitive action without exercises or breaks.

If strains and sprains go untreated for long, they could develop into potentially-serious conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome, which may necessitate surgery to fix. You should avoid wrist and hand exercises, maintain correct posture while working, and take breaks from continuous actions to prevent these injuries.

Without a doubt, there are numerous different sorts of hand injuries that could severely limit your ability to utilize your hands while also being extremely painful! Orthopedic expert, Dr. Kristopher Downing of Upper Extremity Specialists, could help you avoid major long-term injury to your hand’s functionality. Whether your hand injury requires physical therapy, compression, bracing, anti-inflammatory injections, or even surgery, Dr. Downing can help. Call the office or use the online scheduling tool to arrange an appointment right away to find out more.

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