Dental Implants; What to Know

Losing your teeth as an adult can be tragic, especially with the thought of having missing teeth for the rest of your life. You may lose teeth for different reasons, including tooth decay, accident, and injuries. Missing teeth lower your smile quality and affect your teeth’ function too. Living with all that can be stressful. Dental implants Summit specialists at Dental studios are here to give you hope of having your full smile again. Read on more about dental implants and how they benefit your oral health.

Dental implants

They are a restorative method for missing teeth replacement. Tooth loss can harm your confidence, leave alone interfere with your teeth function, including chewing and speech. Your smile plays a vital role in maintaining your self-esteem; missing teeth may make you feel insecure and affect your social interactions.

Another reason you might want to replace your lost teeth is to prevent bone loss, which may also affect your facial appearance.

Dental implants act as your natural teeth. They offer support to your gums and restore your smile and teeth functions. Unlike other teeth restorations where you get to be careful with what to eat, dental implants allow you to eat anything of your choice.

It involves a metal tooth root made of a metal material, usually titanium. Your provider inserts the metal post into your jawbone surgically. With time, the metal tooth root joins with your jawbone tissue giving a permanent solution.

After placing the tooth root in your jawbone, you wait for a few months for healing. Then you later go back to your dentist’s office, where they attach a crown on the top part of the implant for a complete smile.

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Unlike other dental replacement options, dental implants give firm and secure support to the crown and do not shift around the mouth.

Where you have several missing teeth, the team at Dental Studios offers all-on-four implants to restore your smile all at once. The four implants give balance to your jawbone, allowing instant restoration benefits. Your provider offers all-on-four implants as a single treatment, allowing you to have fewer procedures, unlike other restorative options.

Why should you choose dental implants to replace missing teeth?

Dental implants have exceptional benefits to your oral health. Besides them functioning like your natural teeth, they have the following benefits.

  •         They are durable and may last forever
  •         Improves your speech
  •         Offers protection to your jawbone
  •         It’s an affordable and convenient tooth replacement option
  •         They are not prone to cavities
  •         Enhances chewing
  •         Preserves your natural face shape and restores your smile
  •         Maintains the integrity of your surrounding natural teeth
  •         Do not shift or slip away out of your mouth
  •         Offers predictable tooth repair results

Who can benefit from dental implants?

You can benefit from dental implants if you have missing teeth. But you should have healthy and mature gums. Dental implants are a suitable option for adults only.

Dental implants might be your option if you are looking for an effective and permanent tooth replacement solution. The procedure is comfortable, and the results are visible instantly. Dental implants function, look and feel like your natural teeth. They are the way to go if you have missing teeth. Contact Dental Studios today to schedule your appointment.

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