What are dental implants?


Implants are a way to replace missing teeth. While there are many options for replacing missing teeth, dental implants  Sydney have become one of the most popular options because they look and feel like real teeth and last much longer than other types of treatment. This post will discuss dental implants and how they differ from other tooth replacement treatments.

How are implants different from dentures?

Implants are different from dentures in a few key ways. For starters, implants are permanent, whereas dentures have to be replaced every few years. Implants also come with teeth, so you don’t have to worry about losing them in the sink or dropping them on the street. Since they’re implanted into your jawbone instead of sitting on top of it as traditional dentures do, they should last longer than the average set of false teeth.

What are the advantages of implants?

  • Implants can be used to replace missing teeth.
  • Implants can be used to replace missing jaw bones.
  • Implants are more durable than dentures.
  • Implants are more comfortable than dentures.
  • Implants can be used to replace missing root canal

How long do implants last?

Implants are designed to last a lifetime. They’re unlike dentures, which eventually wear out and must be replaced. Once your dental implant is placed in your jawbone and secured by the titanium screw, it’s there for good!

It’s worth noting that while they’re not as susceptible to wear and tear as dentures, they do require some care. You’ll want to avoid biting into hard foods with your teeth—including apples, carrots, and celery sticks—and brush them regularly with a soft-bristled toothbrush (with fluoride paste!) just like any other tooth.

Are there risks associated with implants?

Implants are a safe and effective option for replacing missing teeth. They can last a lifetime, but they’re not just a tooth replacement—they’ll also help you eat and speak more effectively, making your smile look even better!

Some risks are associated with implants, but these have been significantly reduced over the years. Dentists worldwide recommend them as a long-term solution for missing teeth that are less invasive than traditional options like bridges or dentures.

How much do implants cost?

Dental implants Sydney vary depending on the procedure, but you can expect to pay between $2000 and $4000 per tooth. Your total bill will likely be higher if you need more than one implant.

Implants are expensive, so many people choose to use dentures instead. But if you’ve done your homework and know that implants are a good fit for you, then there are ways to get them at a lower price—or even for free!

For example, Medicare covers the cost of some cosmetic procedures like crowns and bridges when they’re performed to replace missing teeth. So if an implant is necessary for support or placement of a bridge or denture, then Medicare may cover part or all of its cost (which could save hundreds).

Similarly, with private health insurance plans: some companies offer coverage for certain types of oral surgery (including removal), while others don’t offer any kind of coverage. The best way to find out what your company offers is by calling them directly so they can tell you exactly what their policy entails before making any decisions about getting implants.


Implants are an excellent option for those who want to replace missing teeth. They offer a more natural-looking alternative to dentures and can help you maintain oral health for years.

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