Why is Open Reduction Internal Fixation Important?

Imagine arriving home from work only to discover that your child is complaining of a possible fracture from probably playing. You immediately get worried and decide to take the child for an X-ray. However, as the results normally appear at times when fractures occasionally are not seen on regular x-rays taken immediately after the pain begins, you decide to ignore the entire ordeal. Unfortunately, this should not be the case, as ignoring matters to deal with pain from possible bone fractures can be catastrophic as you might be ignoring a real case of a broken bone. For this reason, to avoid complications from untreated bone fracture, your solution lies with Chula Vista open reduction internal fixation. Here are the reasons.

1. Delayed union

Bone distortion is a very common scenario that can befall you when you fail to sort for treatment when you have a bone fracture. This complication develops in a postponed bone union, making the bones not heal in the long end. Unfortunately, you will have to experience pain that is always on the rise alongside swelling of the affected area. Luckily enough, an open reduction internal fixation will restore your bone to your initial state, putting an end to the entire case of swelling and pain.  

2. Nerve damage

Failure to attend to a broken bone can result in complications of reduced sensitivity. This case of altered sensitivity can be due to possible damage to the nerve during a bone fracture. A nerve might have been pulled out, oppressed, or injured in a bone fracture. Unfortunately, the nerve can be torn, and the following result might be a long-time impact case of trauma. Fortunately, a two-step open reduction internal fixation procedure can also be the solution.     

3. Ligament and muscle damage

In most incidences, a break or crack of the bone occurs from force drawn upon the bones. Unfortunately, this type of force can equally affect your ligaments and muscles negatively. The reason is that the fractures usually damage the tissues together with the muscles within these areas, making them powerless. In the long term, this effect makes the ligaments and muscles weaker and withered if, by any chance, you delay seeking an open reduction internal fixation procedure.

4. Extended pain and swelling

During a normal case of a bone fracture, musculoskeletal sepsis infections are usually common, mostly when the fracture is open. This infection affects the bone involved in the fracture and the joints, muscles, and the skin, resulting in more pain and swelling in these areas involved in the fracture. To reduce swelling and extended pain, it will be advisable to opt for an open reduction internal fixation.

The side effects of failing to repair a broken bone can be devastating to your health in general. To avoid these side effects and other complications, book your appointment online today or call the office closest to you in La Jolla or Chula Vista, California. The Ortho 1 Medical Group specialists provide open reduction and internal fixation surgery to guarantee you keep complete control and engage in activities you prefer.

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